Welcome to the new era of Motorsport

Speed and technology enthusiasts, it is with emotion and a bit of adrenaline that I’m presenting “RaceFever”, the new section by Nuvolari.net fully focused on motorsport. I am Tommaso Fatichi, a writer with an infinite passion for sports, especially motorsport. With the adrenaline of races and the successes behind every turn of the most famous circuits and races around the world.

Why Motorsport?
We aren’t talking about just a series of different races with various drivers. It’s a fusion among technology, strategy, skills, support by others and sheer passion. Where every second matters and every detail can be the difference between win and defeat. I’ll guide you through the most exciting races and championships, analyzing everyhting out of them to show what makes this sport so special.
What you’ll find in RaceFever
RaceFever won’t be just about telling the races events. It’s a trip through history, technique and evolution of motorsport. Here are some of the topics you might find:
 – Technical analysis: from the power of engines to the most well-known new additions, we’ll explore how technology is constantly evolving in motorsport.
– Drivers’ history: each driver has a story to tell. Made of sacrifices, success, failures, and comebacks. From the most well-known champions to the most unknown contenders.
– Behind the races: you’ll be in the middle of actions. Telling what happened behind the scenes during hectic times of a race or a championship.

The future of Motorsport
Motorsport is changing: the beginning of hybrid engine usage, new rules regardign sustainability and advanced simulation techniques are redefinining the borders of this sport. We’ll explore these changes and try understanding what the future is holding on this topic.
An invite to you all
This is going to be your voice too. I’m inviting you to interact, ask questions, suggest topics. Your curiosity and interest are part of the fuel this section will need. Write, participate, and be part of this adventure.
It won’t be just updates and analysis, but stories, emotions, and the passion which makes this “world” one of the most fascinating sports around.
Fasten your seatbelts, the journey is about to begin and you can’t control speed.
Tommaso Fatichi


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